Improving Digestive Health

Improving Digestive Health

Most of us will eventually realize that improving digestive health is not only something to think about but rather something that must be done. Our body tells us a lot, if we will listen to it.

Most of the time it’s what we ate, or have been eating. In our modern western society, the quality of diet has been the cause for many digestive disorders and disease. Much of the food we buy is highly processed, which means the amount and quality of the nutrients we should be getting are either greatly diminished or almost not there at all.


Dietary fiber is a great example of this. There are several types of fiber, found in many foods which are called carbohydrates, or carbs. Grains are in this group and some of the more common ones most of us eat are rice, pasta and bread.

The problem is most people eat the white versions of these foods instead of eating brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and whole grain bread. The unrefined, brown version will contain a lot of the dietary fiber our body needs for proper digestion and intestinal health.

Of course grains isn’t the only place to find fiber. We can get important dietary fibers from fruits and vegetables as well, if we include several servings a day for each of them, but this is a problem for a lot of people.

After years of feeding our body cheap fuel, it will eventually start to have problems. Just like putting the cheapest gas in your car, over the years the gunk will build up and it just won’t run very well anymore, until you clean it out and start putting better quality gasoline into it.

Four Important Components For Digestive Health

We’ve all heard that eating a well balanced diet is very important. This is because the more variety, the more different important nutrients our body will get. A constant diet of mostly highly processed foods will not even come close. We need:

Fiber – as mentioned above, this is one of the most important components of keeping the digestive system healthy. A lack of it will usually result in things like constipation, diarrhea possibly much serious disorders and disease.

Enzymes – digestive enzymes are needed for the food we eat to be properly broken down so it can be digested and used up by our body. A deficiency of digestive enzymes can create many disorders in our digestive system as well.

Prebiotics – prebiotics are what feeds and support our beneficial intestinal bacteria, sometimes called probiotics. Probiotic bacteria living in our digestive tract is very important and must have an advantage over the bad and dangerous bacteria otherwise we face digestive problems. The way we do this is by feeding it the right nutrients and that is where prebiotics come in.

Phenolic Compounds – phenols also support the growth of good bacteria. They also contain antioxidants which are responsible for fighting against dangerous pathogen bacteria that can seriously damage many things in our body, including the break down and mutation of DNA cells which can lead to cancer.

So start adding some good fuel to start improving your digestive health before your body starts to break down!

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