Herbalife Digestive Health Program Reviews

Herbalife is a huge company with many different products in many different categories all targeting such things as weight control, skin care, heart health, men’s health, stress management, digestive health, and anymore.

Unhealthy and “questionable” ingredients

Out of the many so-called health supplement companies competing in this huge market, Herbalife is unfortunately one of those that just don’t “get it”. As we become more aware of the dangers of drugs that the pharmaceutical drug companies try to sell us everyday, many people are finally looking for safer and healthier alternatives.

Herbalife uses some of the most unhealthiest ingredients and even dangerous ones in many of their products. Just what are these ingredients? Sugars, additives ,artificial colors, and the most shocking one of all… hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Just when everyone has discovered that it’s the trans fats from hydrogenated oils that are being linked to strokes and heart attacks, Herbalife actually uses these in some of their digestive health products, such as in their Florafiber product.

Another digestive health product from Herbalife called Active Fiber Complex does not have hydrogenated oils in it but does have sugars, sodium, and other additives.

I’m sorry but any manufacturer that is adding sugars and hydrogenated oils to a product they are promoting to increase your digestive health just shows they don’t get it. These are the types of substances you need to eliminate from your diet in order to improve digestive health. Any benefits expected from these Herbalife digestive health products will only be negated by all the sugars and other artificial additives and unhealthy oils.

A real all-natural digestive health supplement

The manufacturers who deal in real quality and 100% natural ingredients in health supplements out there are far and very few in between. One of the best we’ve found is Xtend-Life Natural products from New Zealand.

This is a family run company who makes decisions based on the purity and quality of products and ingredients and not just the bottom line, which is obviously what most do after looking at the ingredients on their labels.

It’s not just the obvious big things like sugars and hydrogenated opals, but it’s the little things most people won’t even think about. Take the capsules for example. For years the supplement pill industry has been using gelatin to make the capsules for their powders. This gelatin is very cheap to buy because it is made from animal by-products that are thrown away, things like ears hoofs and cartilage.

A much healthier way to make calluses is with vegetable sources, but of course not many companies opt for these because they cost more.

 The best all-natural digestive health supplement to come around

One of the newest members of the Maxalife products is MX Kiwi Biotic, a 100% natural prebiotic digestive health supplement. Even the capsules are made from all vegetable sources.

What’s so special about Kiwi Biotic?

It’s made from the one of the most nutrient-dense fruits on earth, the kiwifruit. This little fruit has been studied quite a bit over the last decade or so and many health benefits have been established by consuming it.

One of the problems of someone getting all these health benefits from the kiwifruit is that many of the important nutrients are found in it’s skin, which is edible, but not very pleasant and can be tough and bitter, and if it’s not organic it will add pesticides and herbicides to your system as well.

In attempting to make a kiwifruit powder supplement, some manufacturers use a high heat process which actually destroys most of the important digestive enzymes from the fruit, leaving an inferior product. Maxalife created a water-based processing system that extracts all the kiwi’s nutrients without destroying any of them.

Digestive health benefits

Unlike other digestive health products, Kiwi Biotic has 4 important groups of nutrients instead of the typical fiber-only found in many of the other products in the market:

Prebiotics – not probiotics, prebiotics are from natural foods such as unrefined grains, certain fruits and vegetables. They feed our good bacteria (probiotics) which is the key for good digestive health. Scientific research has shown them to be associated with improving mineral absorption, increased immune performance, reduction in allergies, and better heart health.

Enzymes – digestive enzymes are all-important for breaking down the food we eat. A deficiency in them can cause many digestive problems. Kiwifruit contains an enzyme called actinidin, which acts the same way the pepsin enzyme does in the stomach for breaking down food.

Phenolic Compounds – phenols are found in the skin of kiwifruit, these have been shown to stop production of dangerous bacteria and at the same time promote the growth of good bacteria in our intestines. They also contain powerful antioxidants that protect our body from many dangerous pathogens and the process of pre-mature aging such as wrinkling of the skin and early blindness.

Soluble Fiber – soluble fiber is one of the main reasons why prebiotics are so effective for the colon and increasing digestive health in general. Most of us won’t ever get enough because of our poor high processed food diets. Kiwi Biotic boasts soluble and insoluble fiber and has more of it than psyllium husk or Herbalife digestive health fiber supplements.