Health Benefits Of Kiwi

Health Benefits Of Kiwi

Many facts and studies seem to rave about the health benefits of kiwi, calling it the new “superfood”. It doesn’t necessarily contain more of a specific vitamin or mineral than any other single fruit (except in a few cases – see the article Kiwifruit Nutritional Benefits), the unique and special fact about this fruit is that it contains a wider and varied variety of more nutrients than other fruits, that’s why it’s considered the most nutrient-dense of fruits.

Health benefits of kiwi

Constipation is a result of a digestive dysfunction and one of the key benefits of eating kiwifruit regularly. Both insoluble and soluble dietary fibers are found in kiwi, which make it a promoter of good colon health.

Helped relief asthma in a study involving kids who showed an improvement with coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Fights cancer by protecting us from dangerous amounts of oxidization which can damage our DNA, which can lead to cancer. Also it’s high levels of antioxidants can stimulate the repair of DNA cells.

Lower cholesterol – Our liver produces bile acid from cholesterol, and because fiber absorbs bile acid, which digest fats, the liver is forced to produce more bile acid which uses up more cholesterol.

Natural laxative – Speeds up waste transit time, which decreases the build up of cancer promoting materials.

Helps ageist depression because of it’s levels of Inositol, which has been shown and used in studies to be beneficial in treating depression.

Diabetes – Inositol supplements may improve nerve condition velocity in diabetic neuropathy. Of course, inositol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol in kiwifruit which is good on the glycemic index.

For heart health, eating 2 or 3 kiwifruits everyday improves your heart by thinning your blood, reduces clotting, and lowers the amount of fats in your blood.

Helps pregnant women because it has folate, which is in the B vitamin group and is the most important nutrient for producing and maintaining new cells. This makes it especially important during pregnancy and for babies.

The folate in Green Kiwifruit is essential for women planning pregnancy and during pregnancy. Folate is involved in cell formation and requirements are doubled for women of childbearing age. Sufficient dietary folate is essential to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida.


How to get all the health benefits of kiwi without eating kiwifruit…

The problem with actually eating 2 to 3 kiwifruits a day are the expense involved (they aren’t the cheapest fruit in around), and that you’d need to eat their skin because many of the nutrients are there.

These are the reasons I started taking MX Kiwi Biotic. This is a prebiotic digestive supplement made from nothing but New Zealand grown kiwifruit.

Taking one capsule a day is the equivalent of eating 2-3 kiwi’s a day with all the health benefits kiwi fruit, including it’s skin… there’s no better way.


This is how to get all the health benefits of eating kiwifruit