Good Digestive Health

Good Digestive Health

You want good digestive health. We all do, but did you know your digestive system is unbalanced? No one has a perfectly balanced system and suffers from one to any number of digestion symptoms.

You might not even feel the symptom if your unbalanced digestive tract is preventing you from absorbing all the nutrients, even if they’re coming from high quality food and supplements.

Digestive symptoms can be as unobvious as bad breath, body odor, and lack of energy to much more uncomfortable or even painful symptoms like heartburn, constipation, and colon pain. Also, a nutrient deficient diet can compromise the immune system which you won’t feel directly but may be more prone to allergies, flu and colds.

The good news

We can control our intestinal environment with diet, and scientists say that what happens there, good or bad, has major consequences to our health. Good digestive health depends on the bacterial balance in our intestinal tract. As you probably are aware, there are trillions of microscopic bacteria living in our gut, both good and beneficial bacteria and the bad and dangerous kind called pathogens.

Probiotics and prebiotics?

Some people bought into the whole probiotic craze and advertisements from the food companies but most of those claims were rejected by reputable third party organizations such as the European Food Safety Authority.

We equate probiotics to good bacteria, and it is, but probiotics are only part of the equation for good digestive health, and no one knows how much probiotics are needed to add to one already residing in the digestive tract, or even if a further unbalancing will occur.

We can feed and stimulate the growth of our existing good bacteria naturally. How? With prebiotics. Scientific research has confirmed that it’s the nutrients provided by prebiotics that support our good bacteria promoting their growth.


Good digestive health revolves around 4 essential components

Prebiotics – these are found in natural food sources such as whole grains, raw vegetables and fruits. They not only feed our good bacteria which promotes good health, but they have shown to increase immunity performance, increase heart health, and improve your body’s ability to better absorb minerals.

Soluble fiber – this is the type of dietary fiber that is key for proper colon function, and has been linked to helping to prevent colon cancer.

Digestive enzymes – since many of us suffer from enzyme deficiencies due to a poor diet, digestive health in general suffers because we need enzymes to properly break down the food we eat so the body can fully absorb it’s nutrients.

Phenolic compounds – these are natural antioxidants that protect us from oxidization which is linked to the DNA cell damaging that can cause cancer. Phenols also inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria while feeding the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. These natural bioactives are predominately found in skins of grapes and kiwifruit.


Kiwifruit – the new superfood

The benefits of kiwifruit are many. It not only has more vitamins and minerals than any other fruit but contains all the essential components mentioned above. And while it’s true, you can get all this by eating a few kiwifruit a day, you’d have to eat the skin, and only if it was grown organically. There is a better way!

A prebiotic supplement made entirely from kiwifruit

Introducing Kiwi Biotic, made entirely from kwkiruit, including the skin. This surpasses all other kiwifruit powders and prebiotic supplements, and here’s why; Kiwifruit powders lose the natural enzymes during the high heat extraction process. The makers of MX Kiwi Biotic use a unique water-only formula which leaves all the nutrients intact. They also include the skin, which has much of the phenolic compounds and fiber, other kiwi powder manufacturers don’t use the skin.

For more information than we could possibly include here, please visit to learn about the only prebiotic supplement you’ll need for good digestive health.



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