Digestive Aids

Digestive Aids

A digestive aid is something that we can take to help the process of digestion by the body.  Sometimes, a person’s digestive system might not work properly or it may not be able to digest certain types of foods and this can be dangerous to our health because if food is not digested properly, the body will not be able to absorb all the essential nutrients needed for all the many required functions. In extreme cases, this can lead to malnutrition, digestive disorders and disease.

Digestive aids are helpful in such situations since they aid in the process of digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Properly digested food corresponds to a healthy metabolism, controlled weight, and overall healthy body.

Digestive aids can be taken through natural food sources or in the form of pills. Natural digestive aids include the following:

  1. Fiber – Eating a diet rich in fiber will ensure that the food is properly digested and minimizing the problems of constipation, bloating, gas and other intestinal problems.
  2. Certain Carbohydrates – Some carbohydrates that also have a high fiber content also help in digestion and absorption of minerals by the body.
  3. Vitamins – Vitamins are also important for proper digestion. They help in the process and get easily absorbed by the body to fulfill its requirements. Fruits and vegetables are the most important source of vitamins for the body.
  4. Vinegar – Vinegar is a type of probiotic since it is made through fermentation of certain fruits. It also helps in digestion.
  5. Yogurt – Yogurt is another important probiotic that acts as an important digestive aid and proper absorption of nutrients.


Apart from these natural sources of digestive aids, pills are also available which have been specifically manufactured to help with the problems of indigestion. These supplement pills are made based on individual problems and their solutions. They concentrate on one particular digestion problem and offer solution for that particular problem only.

For example, a person might not be able to digest certain type of carbohydrate properly such as lactose or fructose. He would then be given a digestive aid pill that has been specifically designed for digestion and absorption of that particular carbohydrate.

Unfortunately, many problems such as IBS and acid reflux are much harder to pin down and require a more diverse treatment.


 Kiwifruit has been proven as an excellent digestive aid

If you’re not familiar with the nutritional benefits of kiwifruit then you’re in for a big surprise because their list of benefits are as long as your right (or left) arm!

Eating kiwifruit everyday

When I first discovered the wide range of kiwifruit benefits, I started eating them all the time, even the skin when I was able to get organic ones. Then I found that taking one capsule of Kiwi-Klenz is equal to eating around 3 kiwifruit a day. This is why it’s such a potent prebiotic supplement.

Big diseases, big claims

One of the most exciting and important claims being made by scientific research involving the benefits of prebiotics is in their possible link in helping to prevent colon cancer. As the health professionals tell us; colon cancer is by far the easiest to prevent simply through diet.

As this type of cancer climbs it’s way from the number 2 killer to the number one killer in the US, it has to be good and exciting news to anyone concerned about their health and prevention of terrible diseases that such a potent product is now available. All-natural too!

Even if you you’ve stumbled across something you think may be better, you should at least read the information on Maxalife’s website because it will educate you further so you can make a better informed decision.


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