Tips On Where and How To Buy Prebiotics

You can buy prebiotics as real food, in packaged food that has them added, or you can get them in a supplement capsule or pill form. You could get all the prebiotics you need from natural food, if you had access to all the right foods, but this can be a problem, here’s why:

Prebiotics are found naturally in whole unrefined grains, fruits and vegetables. Processed grains which is what most of us eat, such as white bread, cereals, pasta, rice, etc are all refined. Any fiber they started out with has been processed right out.

Fruits and vegetables are a better bet, as long as they are certified organic. Commercially mass-grown produce contains pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones and while they provide some nutrition, they also load your system with dangerous toxins and chemicals.

Another thing many people don’t realize is that today’s farmers are working with soil that doesn’t produce the same amount of nutrients in the food as it did decades ago. It’s a fact most fruits and vegetables we today buy contain a fraction of the nutrients they once did.


Precautions and tips about buying prebiotic supplements

If you’re looking to buy prebiotics in supplemental form, you need to be careful and do a little bit of research because they are not all created equal. Far from it!

 The ingredients some companies use are unbelievable!

 A while back when looking to buy prebiotics, we were doing our own research and were shocked to find some of the most popular brands on the market to contain such ingredients as sugar, artificial sweeteners and even hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Any company who uses sugars and unhealthy fats in the production of a prebiotic digestive health supplement just doesn’t “get it”. These are two of the substances we are trying to eliminate from our diet to get healthier and here they go and use them in a digestive health supplement… unbelievable.

 You can read our full review of that product here: Herbalife Digestive Health

 Several other popular brands are made primarily from inulin and Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). While these are natural prebiotic fibers that can be sourced from plants, some are synthetically produced and have given people some digestive problems.

Doctors Rubin and Brasco who authored the book “Restoring Your Digestive health” stated that:

“… Popular prebiotic supplements include FOS and inulin. In our experience, these supplements do not help patients, but instead cause them to develop bloating and gas”.


Look for the kiwifruit

The kiwifruit is the preferred source of many companies now because of it’s high nutritional content and prebiotic fibers. Some call it the new “superfood” because it’s has the most varied amounts of nutrients than any other fruit.

 A few reasons they call this a “superfood”

 The kiwifruit has been studied and proven to help and treat several important health disorders such as:

  • a natural blood thinner
  • helps relieve asthma symptoms
  • constipation
  • lowers cholesterol
  • helps clean up dangerous toxins
  • promotes good colon health

Besides having a diverse list of many vitamins and minerals, it also has digestive enzymes for helping to properly break down food, polyphenols which contain antioxidants for protecting against dangerous free radical cells, and of course soluble fiber that gives it it’s prebiotic power.

 The problem with some kiwifruit products

 More people are discovering the high nutritional value of the kiwifruit and are buying up supplement powders and pills of the stuff. Unfortunately most of these don’t contain the nutritional value  expected because the extraction process involves high heat, which kills most of the fruits digestive enzymes.

A unique extraction process raises the bar in quality

We discovered a company from New Zealand called Maxalife who came up with their own, proprietary processing system called “Aqua Pure” and unlike any other uses only water in the extraction process. Other companies use high heat, chemical-based systems that allow many of the vital nutrients you’re paying for to get damaged at this stage, which can also involve solvents, pesticides, and chemicals.

Maxalife introduces MX Kiwi Biotic prebiotic supplement

Taking Kiwi Biotic is like eating 2 to 3 kiwifruits a day. Giving you the powerful prebiotics that will help get your digestive system properly balanced again.

Made entirely from New Zealand-grown kiwifruit, the most nutrient-dense of fruits.

Even the capsules are made from 100% vegetable source, unlike most others that still use the animal by-product gelatin.

Buy the all-natural prebiotic Kiwi Biotic with confidence.
By far, the best company we’ve discovered for quality manufacturing, family values, and ethics, is Maxalife at