Best Probiotic Supplement?

What’s the Best Probiotic Supplement? The Answer May Surprise You…

This article is not a sales pitch trying to sell any brand names, but rather pointing out the main criteria you need to know about what a probiotic supplement must have to be considered a quality product…

Following are a few important factors that will let you separate the cheap ineffective products from the few that are considered the best probiotic supplement.

We all want the best digestive health we can get and it’s a fact many of us suffer from one symptom or another caused by an imbalance in our digestive system. A well balanced digestive system is the key to getting and maintaining a healthy digestive tract including a strong immune system that will fight off disease. It’s no surprise many are in search of the best probiotic supplement available.

How to spot a quality probiotic supplement

Years ago we learned that increasing the probiotics in our gut would help and so on came the probiotic supplement market selling us on products like yogurt and kefir. These products do contain probiotics, but they can be dangerous for you as well.

Foods that aren’t properly fermented can be toxic. To be assured of a high quality probiotic supplement look for the word “standardized” on the label.

For a product to legally qualify as standardized, it has to go through a verification process done by an independent laboratory analysis. The probiotic supplement needs to have a “DNA fingerprint” that has to have an exact match from the primary culture all the way throughout he last production run.

Since most producers buy commercially sold cultures that are mass produced they are not “standardized” therefore inferior quality.

A quality probiotic supplement will show on the label the type of bacteria it contains, and the amount. It will have actual bacteria names such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. This bacteria must be in amounts of at least 10 to 20 billion. If the product doesn’t say the names, or the numbers are below 10 billion put it back!

Furthermore, the value of what probiotic supplements can actually do on their own as far as health benefits has been shot down by the European Food Safety Authority, saying “the evidence provided is insufficient to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between consumption of”.

Probiotics are a natural microorganism found living in our gut, commonly called “good bacteria” and is essential for good health. This type of bacteria must seriously outnumber the bad bacteria or else painful symptoms or disease can manifest themselves. Simply adding more probiotics in the form of supplements they are telling us, isn’t really doing anything.

Prebiotics are what’s needed

So what’s the best probiotic supplement? Prebiotics. These type of “biotics” are found naturally in many foods, especially certain fruits, vegetables and natural whole grains. Prebiotics support the probiotic microbes that are already in your digestive tract, feeding them so they can grow and outnumber the bad bacteria. Not only that, but at the same time inhibiting the production of the bad bacteria.

Now that research has been focusing on how this relationship between probiotics and prebiotics are really helping benefit the digestive system you will start seeing many more prebiotic supplements on the market. As with the probiotic supplements or any other for that matter, there will be some high quality ones and many others will be inferior quality because of shortcuts many companies will make in the manufacturing stages.

How to recognize quality

Look for all-natural products made from real food sources as opposed to powders and chemicals. Many manufacturers have chosen the kiwifruit as the food source because of it’s prebiotic nutrient values which include dietary fiber, phenol compounds and enzymes. Any product that uses a high heat extraction process will not have all the benefits because the important enzyme nutrients are destroyed during the high heat process.

One product does stand above the rest

The only product we’ve seen so far that is all natural, made using only quality kiwifruit from New Zealand is MX Kiwi Biotic. It’s made by Maxalife who have a unique extraction process that uses only water. That’s right, no chemicals or solvents or high heat so all the nutrients remain in the final product, making Kiwi Biotic the most natural and potent prebiotic supplement available.

For more information visit the Maxalife website:

Before you buy any supplement, especially a prebiotic one, you should take a look at the processing technique used by the company which is selling them.The truth is, taking the wrong prebiotic supplement can give you a fraction of the expected health benefits because some of the most important nutrients such as digestive enzymes and dietary fibers can be destroyed during production.


We work to keep informed about the best natural health products available as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and all the dangerous side effects that sometimes go along with them.



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