Acid Reflux Foods To Avoid

Acid Reflux Foods To Avoid

Any good, caring physician will initially take the diet approach rather than medication when considering acid reflux and GERD management.

While no two people react exactly the same to a type of food, there are known specific acid reflux foods to avoid. Luckily, this list is a relatively short one.

Acidic foods

Stomach acid is 100 times more acidic than the acid of any food. Foods that have a high acid content such as tomatoes, citrus fruits and onions won’t actually cause acid reflux but can irritate an already damaged esophagus of someone who already has reflux. Since acid is not meant to be in the esophagus, it is best to avoid these foods.

Foods high in fat

Fat is known to contribute to reflux disease. Fat decreases pressure in the lower esophagus and so will increase the likelihood of symptoms to those prone to reflux. Some other facts about a high fat diet are… you guessed it, getting fat, obesity, and cardiovascular problems. A good one for us all to avoid.

Food preparation can make a big difference

A plain 3 ounce potato has about 65 calories and virtually no fat. That same potato, deep fried in oil and made into chips has about 450 calories and 30 grams of fat. Fried foods are not only high in calories and cholesterol, they also slow down the emptying of gas in the stomach. The longer food sits there, the more acid is produced and more likely to reflux back into the esophagus. Unfortunately our modern North American diet has too much of this type of high processed, high fat content foods.

Specific acid reflux foods to avoid

Coffee, tea, soda pop – any drink that has caffeine because caffeine is a powerful stimulant for producing stomach acid.

Mint – those after dinner mints may be a good idea for non-acid sufferers as a digestive aid, but not for those with GERD. Mint can reduce LES (lower esophageal sphincter) pressure and so causes reflux.

Milk – whole milk and dairy products such as chocolate milk, whole milk butter, cream, evaporated milk, strong cheeses. It’s possible that dairy is the most misunderstood food we have. It’s always said to have high nutritional value and mandatory for our good health, but it really makes you wonder how much of this is perpetuated by the dairy industry.

When you think about it, does it make a lot of sense for humans to drink the milk of a cow their whole lives. Not even baby calfs do that. Dairy creates many health problems for many people in our society, including acid reflux sufferers.

Now that you know the acid reflux foods to avoid, try adding some beneficial ones

Taking away as many of these foods as possible will possibly help with some acid flare-ups but we all want to get rid of acid reflux altogether. To do this naturally we must rely on a healthier, more beneficial diet.

Don’t underestimate your body. Your digestive system is capable of pulling off miraculous feats. Just imagine how many years we all throw junk down our gullet and it still keeps things in reasonable order. Imagine if you supplied your body with quality nutrients instead of high processed foods laden with sugar and animal fat everyday.

A quality, healthy diet can conquer almost anything

We all know what healthy food is, we just don’t eat that much of it. It’s very difficult in our society because even foods we think are healthy are not. For example, we know that we need dietary fiber for good digestive health, and we know that bran is one of the best sources of dietary fiber.

I picked up a box of Bran Flakes recently and sugar was one of the main ingredients. Sure, there’s bran in that cereal, but with all that refined sugar, the nutritional value of the bran gets negated because sugar upsets our mineral balance and that diminishes our body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Just try and find a food product in the supermarket that doesn’t have some kind of sugar in it. There are very, very few. So we should avoid as much processed food as possible and start adding more natural foods such as raw vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. These are “probiotics” and they will feed your good bacteria in your gut and that’s how we start re-building up a good digestive system again.

Whole grains are brown rice, not white rice. Whole wheat pasta not regular pasta. Whole grain bread, not white bread. It takes some getting used to after many years of eating the refined, processed stuff but that’s what it takes to loose a few pounds and improve your digestive system, which includes acid reflux problems.

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To your health!