Quick Fix For Acid Reflux – Apple Cider Vinegar

Quick Fix For Acid Reflux – Apple Cider Vinegar

Acid reflux is an update on a term that we used to call heartburn, or acid indigestion. Chronic symptoms from this can cause damage to the esophagus wall lining and other areas and the health community refers to this as a disease called Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD.

Most of the time though, heartburn, or acid reflux is occasional and not very serious. The common prescription from a doctor is to take an antacid medication. There are many of these available both over the counter and prescription.

Any antacid medication taken for a prolonged period of time is dangerous for your health. They reduce the amount of acids in your stomach which are needed for proper digestion. Ironically, these antacid medications are made to neutralize excess acidity, but their continued use can actually result in over-acidity of the body, which creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses, all of which thrive in an acidic environment.

Apple cider vinegar – a natural treatment for acid reflux

Like any antacid medication, apple cider vinegar can provide very quick relief from the symptoms of acid reflux. It is also much safer to use.

More quick fixes for acid reflux

1. You can reduce acidity in your stomach by up to 50% by simply chewing gum.

2. Filling your mouth with saliva and then swallowing it can neutralize acid gasses in the esophagus. Do this 3 or 4 times, it works in relieving chest pain brought on by acid reflux.

3. Eat apples or carrots because their juice help to neutralize stomach acids just like antacid medications do.

These are all good to know but remember they are only temporarily helping you to treat the symptoms that will come back until you cure the underlying problem.

Cure your acid reflux problem for good, naturally

The most common causes for acid reflux are usually diet, which includes drinking alcohol and smoking. In other words, we can make smarter lifestyle choices to never have acid reflux again.

Drinking and smoking are obvious, stopping or reducing these will help if they are the cause.

Diet needs considerable change. It’s not that you’re eating too much or too spicy foods, it’s the type of food, meaning highly processed foods loaded with unhealthy fats, sugars, additives and chemicals.

Eliminate processed foods and start eating natural organic foods. Your body will get more digestive enzymes, fiber, vitamins and minerals all of which will re-balance your digestive system and start to cure your acid reflux problems for good.

Our recommended all-natural prebiotic digestive supplement

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Prebiotics are what increase the amount of the beneficial bacteria in our intestines, which is the most important thing we can do to get and keep good digestive health and our system free from digestive problems like acid reflux and many others.

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