Acid Reflux and Alcohol

Acid Reflux and Alcohol

One of the most frequent factors associated with acid reflux is alcohol. Many experts argue that when taken in moderation, alcohol has very little harmful effect on healthy adults, excluding pregnant women of course.

Although some dispute this, some studies have shown that alcohol can have some benefits as well. It can raise your DHL, which is the good high density lipoproteins in cholesterol, and relieves stress by relaxing tense muscles.

Still, alcohol contributes to at least 10% of all deaths in the United States. It is involved with accidental deaths and homicide and destroys vital organs such as the heart and liver. Women’s bodies absorb more alcohol than men because they have less amounts of the enzyme responsible for breaking down the alcohol when it is in the stomach. This may explain why women have more liver damage from it than men.

Alcohol can damage the entire GI tract and can make existing acid reflux problems even worse, that’s why it’s one of the dietary factors most frequently associated with GI disorders and can aggravate acid reflux in the esophagus, (reflux esophagitis), as well as gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, gallbladder disease and IBS.

A more recent study from Sweden has suggested that alcohol doesn’t cause acid reflux. That is indeed good news but it doesn’t mean it won’t play a big role in aggravating the symptoms. Smoking has been shown to cause acid reflux and since many smokers also drink may be the reason it was thought that alcohol was a reason for causing it as well.

Alcohol can make heartburn much worse for those who suffer from it, and can cause heartburn as well. The reason being that it increases the production of acid in the stomach. Alcohol relaxes the lower muscle of the esophagus making it easier for the acids to escape up into it.

Alcohol can also lead to peptic ulcers and prevent existing ulcers to heal. Limiting alcohol or abstaining from it is a good idea to better your acid reflux condition and to generally improve your overall digestive health.

Whether you omit alcohol from your diet or not, adding certain things to your diet can benefit you regardless of your other lifestyle choices. If not everything you ingest is sensible, at least make sure you eat some sensible foods that will give your digestive system a chance at improving it’s function to keep you healthier.

While giving up some bad habits can help, it’s not enough. You need to supply yourself with high quality nutrients, things we don’t get enough of from our normal high processed food diets. You’ve no doubt heard it before, and for good reason, it’s the sensible thing to do. Eat more whole grains, fresh fruits and raw vegetables.


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